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Our food is as healthy as possible for us to prepare. We have several suppliers for biological vegetables. We don't use flavour enhancers.
We offer a variety of meals and ingredients.
We think twice about the ingredients we use. We use virgin coconut oil for baking. We minimize the use of salt and sugar. We use palm sugar in stead of white sugar. We use volcanic salt.
But, you can also order just french fries or a real-deal burger.

Relax in out cafe - Shelter Hostel Malang


The Menu: Our Healthy Food & Drinks

Great food is home made

chiaseed fruit breakfast


Pancake, chiaseed, eggs, traditional East Javanese, bread, yogurt...
Pita falafel - homemade at Shelter Hostel Malang, East Java - Indonesia


Also all home made, either by grandma or ourselves.
From light meals with falafel to the real good filling food.
Zucchini noodles with lemon garlic cream sauce


Vegan tumeric smoothie


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Beer and other cold drinks


Bali Hai, Bintang, Prost, Radler. Sprite, Coca Cola... But also bottled water. Our drinks are cold.
Cocolate coconut almond bar


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Home cooked meals

We cook ourselves. Each staff member is trained to cook the meals. Of course, all hands differ resulting in a slight taste difference when you order twice the same dish but with a different staff member.

Grandma for local dishes

As local East Javanese dishes take a whole lot of time to cook, and even taste better the day after, grandma cooks these dishes for us. She also uses only original spices. Grandma is the best.


Some notes before you order

Please keep in mind that you are in Indonesia. Supplies to stores aren't as regular as you might be used to in western countries. Sometimes supplies are sold out. We then have to use a different ingredient. Sometimes it then isn't possible to serve your preferred dish. Also, most fruits are seasonal. Some all season fruits are bananas, papaya, and water melon.

Room Booking

Thanks for staying with us! Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact within 24 hours. If you wish to book for tonight, please call or WhatsApp: +62.81.332.095.007.