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We would like to be your friend - Lina and Bowo are your hosts

We are more than a hostel. Shelter Hostel Malang is a place to meet people, to enjoy Javanese hospitality and culture, to make some music, to wait for your bus or train. You can also come to us when you are in trouble; your wallet is stolen, you lost your credit card, you are sick and do not know where to go to. Any other problem, visit us and we will look for a solution together.

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Our ideals

We do as much as we can to take care of our planet and of your health... If you have any suggestions, we would be glad to connect.


  • We clean, do the dishes, and the laundry with homemade soap, that is without chemicals or residues that disappear in the drain.
  • We also use coconut to clean our floors. With coconut, the floors get shiny and feel very refreshing on your bare feet.
  • The available hand soap at all sinks is also homemade and free of chemicals.
  • Have you run out of soap? Please, buy one of the homemade soaps without chemicals and different compositions - for all skin types a specific soap... Available at our cafe for a small price...
  • We try to avoid plastic, though for some of us that is still difficult. When going to the market or the store we bring our own shopper and bags for groceries.
  •  We use low Watt long-lasting lamps.
  • We don't use air conditioning, only fans. In general, Malang is more than cool enough during the night to have a good sleep. Only when the seasons are changing, it could become a little hot in the rooms.


  • We cook with coconut oil
  • We use volcanic salt
  • We use eggs without residues of hormones or medicines (I have to admit that we can't check this)
  • We use palm sugar instead of white sugar.
  • We try to have vegan meals on the menu - any suggestions are welcome...



Our services


Free WiFi

Free WiFi everywhere, in our cafe/restaurant, the dormitories, and the private rooms.

Cold beers and sodas

Our fridge is full. All kinds of cold beer and sodas. Big and small beers. Heineken, Bintang, Bintang Radler, Carlsberg, Guiness, ...

Home made healthy food

We shop and we cook. We know our ingredients and we care about your health and the Javanese farmers.

You can pay by card

You can pay with your credit card or PayPal.


You ask. We talk. Might be a great conversation. Different culture. Exchanging knowledge.


Get the bike in our basement. Do an early morning ride. Go for some shopping...

Coffee, smoothies, etc...

Homemade. Coffee, fresh herbal tea, smoothies, healthy drinks.


We have books in various languages. Feel free to exchange.


Private - shared. Budget - high end. All tailor made. Based on service. Beyond mass tourism.

24 hrs reception

Always open. To get in or to get out. At night guarded.


Your personal belonging safely in a locker. Please bring your own lock.

Hot water

Hot water in all our 4 showers; in the cafe, the dorm and the private rooms.

Room Booking

Thanks for staying with us! Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact within 24 hours. If you wish to book for tonight, please call or WhatsApp: +62.81.332.095.007.